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lucian_zaeyn's Journal

Lucian Zäyn
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Born and raised in Manila, the Philippines, of Spanish, Chinese, Filipino and German extraction, I've been living in Germany for many years. Impassioned singer/songwriter/multimedia artist with large repertoire of tracks in seven languages (English, Spanish, German, Tagalog, Japanese, French, Korean - with multimedia performances featuring songs about the Gibson Cyberspace novels, British Supermarionation (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray etc.) Fritz Lang's and Thea von Harbou's Metropolis, about anime films like Akira, Venus Wars... My latest project is a suite of 23 songs inspired by Ian McDonald's River of Gods novel (and to date 4 songs inspired by Cyberabad Days). (To have a listen, doe visit my Lucian Zäyn CONSTRUXX website myspace.com/lucianzynconstruxx. The multimedia performance will incorporate Wayang - the Indonesian art of presenting a narrative in a shadow play using ornately cut-out silhouettes jointed, mounted on sticks and animated manually behind a screen. The visuals I will design myself - for a sample of my style do look at the 'comics i.e. illustrated SF vignettes in my scrapbooks here. The music is based on electronic music, Goa, techno, with lush orchestrations evoking the panoramic sweep of India and the novel itself, and Southeast Asian motifs. The lyrics in English, Tagalog (has a lot of Sanskrit loan-words and sounds like Sanskrit at times) with Hindi and Sanskrit fragments. Gibson's Cyberspace novels and Katsuhiro Ohtomo's Akira inspired me to learn Japanese to write japanese lyrics, David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas (Sonmi 451)and number9dream inspired me to learn Korean, Ian McDonald's River of Gods inspired me to create a multimedia performance and to read up on the subcontinent's kaleidoscopic culture and history - no, I'm not going to learn Hindi or Sanskrit - not yet anyway.To listen to my music, do visit one of my 11 MySpace sites: Lucian Zäyn Quintessence (Main Site) myspace.com/lucianzaeyn ; Lucian Zäyn Construxx (River of Gods and Cyberabad songs) myspace.com/lucianzynconstruxx ; Lucian Zäyn Evangelion (anime songs) myspace.com/lucianzynevangelion among others!Since I first read River of Gods by Ian McDonald I was touched and inspired by the utterly compelling panorama it unfolds of story, setting, characters and intimations of eternal beauty and impending transcendence. Similarly inspired by other works, I had already written and recorded songs in diverse languages about, among other things, William Gibson’s cyberspace novels, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, British Supermarionation (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray etc.), David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, Robert W. Chamber’s The King in Yellow, Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and Japanese anime such as Akira and Neon Genesis Evangelion. My present focus is on the songs inspired by McDonald’s River of Gods novel. With an interlude involving songs about Neon Genesis Evangelion in mid-2006 I have written and produced 21 songs from 2005 to date inspired by River of Gods, which I call the ‘Marigolds on Black Water Suite’ after a beautiful line I found in the novel. The songs are conceived to provide a personal interpretation, commentary and sidelights to the novel, oftimes going between the lines or occasionally taking the story further. In my Marigolds on Black Water Suite some songs describe individual characters (Parvati, there in your Garden in the Sky; Najia, in a Universe of Smoke and Mirrors; Tal, Stepping Away; Ajmer, her heart Luminous with Ecstasy; Lisa, the Sky is not just the Sky; Shaheen, God is Light upon Light, Juhi in the Hour of Mango-tinted Cloud; Shiv, a Raja in his Mind; Krishan’s Heart in Light; Begum Khan’s Transfiguring Hand; Mr. Nandha, the Fist around the Orchid; Vishram Ray’s Inglorious Kama Sutra; Mahatma Ray Smiles at the Waves), others highlight the cultural, historical and technological background (CONSTRUXX 2047 Site; ART EMPIRE INDUSTRY (Tandava Nritya); Pataliputra, in the Dawn’s Carnelian Rays; Quantum Blue Shatabdi to Infinity, Kashi Radio) and yet others feature the aeais themselves, which I compare to bodhis, bodhisattvas and Indian divinities (Cyberabad! – Marigolds on Black Water; Parinirvana – the Black Taj and *Urlight* - an embellishment of a stunningly brilliant neologism of McDonald's in the light of the plot and concepts presented in his novel). I am indebted to River of Gods, not only for enriching my life but also for having me revisit India’s kaleidoscopic culture and history of which I had learned a lot as a child in the Philippines. The first song completed was ART EMPIRE INDUSTRY (Tandava Nritya) which I wrote and arranged in 2005. It is the capstone of the series with which I set myself a creative challenge: to compose fitting pieces to flesh out the scenario posited in this song which takes an India Transcendent intimated between the lines of River of Gods (and intimated in Cyberabad Day's VISHNU AT THE CAT CIRCUS), into the depths of the pluriverse like diyas carried off by a lethean Gangetic stream. I then had to work myself backwards through the timeline I laid down, back to the original scenarios of River of Gods which inspired me in the first place. In 2007 came a run of 9 songs in this vein. In 2008 I completed another 4. In 2009 I completed the last 7 songs. If you wish to hear more about the creative processes involved in 'Marigolds on Black Water' read my first livejournal entry of 27 March 2008. By the way, do have a look at my comics or illustrated SF vignettes in my scrapbook.
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