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List of River of Gods songs/trax so far
Zäyn, Lucian

This above vignette of mine is entitled 'AVENUE OF A BILLION BUDDHAS' - do see the 'Pacific Millennium' comic in the scrapbook.

Between the end of June and the end of September of this year I managed to finish the instrumental tracks and lyrics of another seven songs in the River of Gods series, this time about the characters Vishram and Sanjit Ray, Shiv Faraji, Krishan, the Begum and Mr. Nandha, the Krishna cop, in addition to 'Kashi Radio' - covering nearly all characters of the novel. I hope to record *Urlight* with Steve Baltes soon (co-author and producer of ART EMPIRE INDUSTRY and Cyberabad! Pls. see Steve and Jason 'Dyloot' Sperling's latest November 20, 2009 release is the DEEP VOICES feat. Lucian Zäyn track VISIONS OF YOU available as download on iTunes and Audiojelly. My first official release for some time.

I read and loved 'BRASYL' (and have reread it twice since I got it last year) but was not inspired to write any songs about it. Now I'm looking forward to reading 'CYBERABAD DAYS' which I purchased a couple of weeks ago, a radiant surprise - to me a veritable Epiphany - when I came upon it by chance on the English-language SF shelf of Stern Verlag, Düsseldorf's premiere bookstore. Being a media dropout, I knew absolutely nothing about the novel... Being careful with new acquisitions which I keep at a respectful distance initially, I am postponing reading the book till I've finished reading Dan Simmon's 'ILIUM' (second read) which I attacked after reading the sequel 'OLYMPOS' - sometimes I read through series backwards... Here is the complete list of tracks:


1. Parvati, there in your Garden in the Sky (at Lucian Zäyn CONSTRUXX: (with Pit Serwotka)
2. Najia, in a Universe of Smoke and Mirrors
3. Tal, Stepping Away
4. Ajmer, her heart Luminous with Ecstasy*
5. Lisa, to You the Sky is not just the Sky*
6. Shaheen, God is Light upon Light
7. Juhi in the Hour of Mango-tinted Cloud
8. Shiv, a Raja in his Mind
9. Krishan’s Heart in Light
10. Begum Khan’s Transfiguring Hand
11. Mr. Nandha, the Fist around the Orchid
12. Vishram Ray’s Inglorious Kama Sutra
13. Mahatma Ray Smiles at the Waves
14. CONSTRUXX: August 2047 Site (at Lucian Zäyn CONSTRUXX: (with Pit Serwotka)
15. ART EMPIRE INDUSTRY (Tandava Nritya) (at Lucian Zäyn CONSTRUXX: (with Steve Baltes)
16. Pataliputra, in the Dawn’s Carnelian Rays
17. PARINIRVANA (The Black Taj)
18. *Urlight*
19. Quantum Blue Shatabdi to Infinity
20. Kashi Radio
21. Cyberabad! – Marigolds on Black Water (at Lucian Zäyn CONSTRUXX: (with Steve Baltes)
22. Quantum Blue Shatabdi to Infinity

Two more songs to come for the River of Gods (about the aeais) once I turn on my Yamaha Sequencer before X'mas or if Steve (more aptly) produces trance or electronic backings to which I could lay on vocals:
1. Cyberearth
2. Lebensraum!

I only have the titles to date - but then I almost always begin only with the titles! After that the songs seem to write themselves...

Only ART EMIPRE INDUSTRY, Parvati, CONSTRUXX, Cyberabad! are with vocals and posted in MySpace (among other of my 11 sites on (Lucian Zäyn CONSTRUXX site dedicated to 'RIVER OF GODS' and 'CLOUD ATLAS' and the main site - Lucian Zäyn Quintessence. **There are vocal versions of 'Ajmer' and 'Lisa', but I'm not posting the tracks yet.

POSTSCRIPT (22 February 2010):

I've read the astonishing CYBERABAD DAYS twice and have finished programming the instrumental backings to four songs to date. The melodies for the vocals are finished. I just have to write the lyrics and record the vox...

1. Starlight Laughter  -  inspired by ‘An Eligible Boy’
2. E
sha, one Afternoon in Shalimar  - inspired by ‘The Djinn’s Wife’
Maharani of the Monsoon - inspired by ‘The Dust Assassin’ 
The Kumari and the Glass Spires of Awadh - inspired by ‘The Little Goddess’

As I've already mentioned - I begin with the titles... I've got to discipline myself and do the lyrics before starting and other songs.

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Hi there, not sure how you ran across me, but you have some stunning art here. I look forward to exploring some of your myspace pages when I'm not at work.

Hi there!

Thanks for the compliment and the add! Hope you'll like the music on my mySpace site(s). I came across your interesting profile and blog in Ian McDonald's Cyberabad blog. Hope you don't mind the add. message you again soon!



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