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Inspiring Music
Zäyn, Lucian

The above vignette is entitled 'A Sky the Colour of Infinity' - more in the scrapbooks.

If I were to be trapped in a room forever and had to choose twenty-five songs (plus two of mine) to listen to in an endless loop for all eternity, these would be the songs I would select:

  1. It Cuts you Up by Peter Murphy
  2. Saxophone Song by Kate Bush
  3. Boys in the Trees by Carly Simon
  4. Song for Sharon by Joni Mitchell
  5. Station to Station by David Bowie
  6. Methods of Dance by Japan
  7. Let me be the One by the Carpenters
  8. The Look of Love by Dusty Springfield
  9. Walk on By by Dionne Warwick
  10. The Wichita Lineman by Andy Williams
  11. Two Grey Rooms by Joni Mitchell
  12. Venus as a Boy by Björk
  13. Airwaves by Thomas Dolby
  14. Protection by Massive Attack
  15. Forbidden Colours by David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto
  16. The Chase by Propaganda
  17. Timeless by Goldie
  18. Second Skin by the Chameleons
  19. You get what you Give The New Radicals
  20. Torch by Marc Almond
  21. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genes
  22. Slave to the Rhythm by Grace Jones
  23. Tinsel Town is in the Rain by Blue Nile
  24. Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson
  25. Parade by Magazine
  26. Art Empire Industry (Tandava Nritya) by yours truly - have a listen to it on my Lucian Zäyn Constuxx site:
  27. Gomi Boy by yours truly - (on the Lucian Zäyn Evangelion site:
The vignette below is called 'The Long Tomorrow' after a song of mine of the same name from my first album inspired by the Moebius comic of the same name.


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