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Lyrics to Art Empire Industry, Parvati there in your Garden in the Sky & CONSTRUXX August 2047 Site
Zäyn, Lucian

The vignette above is called 'Avenue of a MIllion Buddhas by Day' - do see the 'Pacific Millennia' comic in the scrapbooks.

Since I first read River of Gods by Ian McDonald I was touched and inspired by the utterly compelling panorama it unfolds of story, setting, characters and intimations of eternal beauty and impending transcendence. Similarly inspired by other works, I had already written and recorded songs in diverse languages about, among other things, William Gibson’s cyberspace novels, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, British Supermarionation (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray etc.), David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, Robert W. Chamber’s The King in Yellow, Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and Japanese anime such as Akira and Neon Genesis Evangelion. My present focus is on the songs inspired by McDonald’s River of Gods novel. With an interlude involving songs about Neon Genesis Evangelion in mid-2006 I have written and produced 14 songs from 2005 to date inspired by River of Gods, which I call the ‘Marigolds on Black Water Suite’ after a beautiful line I found in the story. The songs are conceived to provide a personal interpretation, commentary and sidelights to the novel, oftimes going between the lines or occasionally taking the story further. In my Marigolds on Black Water Suite some songs describe individual characters (Parvati, there in your Garden in the Sky; Najia, in a Universe of Smoke and Mirrors; Tal, Stepping Away; Ajmer, her heart Luminous with Ecstasy; Lisa, the Sky is not just the Sky; Shaheen, God is Light upon Light and Juhi in the Hour of Mango-tinted Clouds), others highlight the cultural, historical and technological background (CONSTRUXX: August 2047 Site; ART EMPIRE INDUSTRY (Tandava Nritya); Pataliputra, in the Dawn’s Carnelian Rays; Quantum Blue Shatabdi to Infinity) and yet others feature the aeais themselves, which I compare to bodhis, bodhisattvas and Indian divinities (Cyberabad! – Marigolds on Black Water; Parinirvana – the Black Taj and *Urlight* - an embellishment of a stunningly brilliant neologism of McDonald's in the light of the plot and concepts presented in his novel). I am indebted to River of Gods, not only for enriching my life but also for having me revisit India’s kaleidoscopic culture and history of which I had learned a lot as a child in the Philippines. The first song completed was ART EMPIRE INDUSTRY (Tandava Nritya) which I wrote and arranged in 2005. It is the capstone of the series with which I set myself a creative challenge: to compose fitting pieces to flesh out the scenario posited in this song which takes an India Transcendent intimated between the lines of McDonald's novel into the depths of the pluriverse like diyas carried off by a lethean Gangetic stream. I then had to work myself backwards through the timeline I laid down, back to the original scenarios of River of Gods which inspired me in the first place. In 2007 came a run of 9 songs in this vein. Since January 2008 I’ve completed another 4, the last and current piece being ‘Shaheen, God is Light upon Light’. Only pieces about the Ray family and the thugs Shiv and his henchman Yogendra, the soapi turned aeai,Town and Country, and perhaps, of the Begum, are still missing. First I will try to record the vocals on all fourteen available songs before writing new ones in the series. If you wish to hear more about the creative processes involved in 'Marigolds on B lack Water' do read my first livejournal entry of 27 March.
The First three songs of this series completed (recorded replete with vocals) are ART EMPIRE INDUSTRY (Tandava Nritya)’  with Steve Baltes and ‘ Parvati, there in your Garden in the Sky’ and CONSTRUXX: August 2047 Site’ with Peter Serwotka. The songs can be heard on most of my 11 MySpace sites, but especially on the main site Lucian Zäyn Quintessence: and Lucian Zäyn CONSTRUXX: Here are the Lyrics:
L. Zäyn and Peter Serwotka (lyrics in English and Tagalog)
Parvati, there in your garden in the sky
Parvati, up there where dreams on strange wings fly
            From your airy bower
            You could gaze into the meteor showers
            Nano-diamond towers
            Viewed through a haze of fireflies
                        And night-blooming flowers     
Marilág, mayumì at maluwalhatì.(Beautiful, demure and resplendent.)
Napakapapañganib ay ang lunggatî. (How perilous desire could be.)
Parvati – in your soul a starry sky
Parvati – between two loves your pure heart lies
            So leave your airy bower
            To taste the thrill of love’s oceanic power
            And choose the one that will set your soul free
            Go run away, embrace your destiny
   Huwág mong isundan ang iyóng budhî. (Don’t follow your conscience.)
   Napakasidhî ang iyóng lunggatî.(How intense your desire could be.)
Napakahalimuyak, napakahiwagà, napakaliwalas, napakalabay ay ang lunggatî – katulad ñg iyóng hardín sa ibabaw ñg mga atíp ñg lungsód na itinaním ñg iyóng mahál bago ka niyáng itinanan... (spoken)
(How fragrant, how magical, how airy, how luxuriant desire could be – like your garden in the sky planted by the hand of your love before he stole you away…)
L. Zäyn / Steve Baltes   (lyrics in English, Sanskrit and Tagalog)
In our minds – we shape a universe
In our minds – we hold infinite worlds…
Art Empire Industry Science Dance
In our minds – unfolds a universe
In our minds – we build infinite worlds…
We create
We preserve
We destroy – Namaha Shivāya!
 Art Empire Industry Science Dance – Namaha Shivāya
Namaha Shivâya! Sûrya namaskar!
Space is where our glowing tomorrows lie
Diamond cities drifting there in strawberry-coloured skies
Like candles set afloat on the river of time that winds
Like jewels at the throat of a goddess cruel and kind
Contrails tracing glyphs on Blue Infinity
Like diamonds on the lips of dark divinities
            In Maya‘s chains entwined
            Our souls will climb
In diamond chains entwined
The Ascent of Mankind - Namaha Shivāya
                                                  translation from Sanskrit and Tagalog
TANDAVA NRITYA                      THE DANCE OF SHIVA                                   
SA SILAW ÑG KALIKASAN          (in the glare of creation)
SA SINAG ÑG KINABUKASAN     (in the glow of Tomorrow)
SA ILAW ÑG KARUNUÑGAN        (in the light of Knowledge)
SA ILAW ÑG KARILAGAN            (in the light of Beauty)
Art Empire Industry Science Dance - siníng kaharían/imperyo indústriya aghám sayáw -
Beyond the end of time the star of India will climb
As from world to shining world her quantum starships are hurled
Humans and A.I.s forge bravely beyond the sky
The veils of Maya torn – they cause shimmering new worlds to be born
Then uncreate
Namaha Shivāya        
Art Empire Industry Science Dance - siníng kaharían/imperyo indústriya aghám sayáw -
The Ganga mata runs into Infinity
From sun to searing sun in waves faster than light
Though Kali Yuga ends India’s cities will shine
In myriad galaxies on a billion worlds beyond the end of time
By our design     
We are divine!
By our design
We are divine!
Namaha Shivāya!
The Ganga mata runs into Infinity
From sun to searing sun in waves faster than light
Though Kali Yuga ends India’s cities will shine
In myriad galaxies on a billion worlds beyond the end of time… Namaha Shivāya!
Construxx August 2047 Site          
L. Zäyn / Peter Serwotka
Shiv, Yogendra, Juhi, Tal, Yuli, Najia, all you pretty things, playthings of the stellar rich, trading in flesh and Masonic secrets, dancing autistically while transfixed by lights like fulminant epilepsy at the Construxx August 2047 Site… ART EMPIRE INDUSTRY in red laser graffitti is the writing on the wall on the eve of India’s centennial bash…where Cyberspace is the new MAYA!     (spoken)
You are like the pink morning sky seen through an angel’s eyes.
You are a cosmos unfurling like a flower of blue fire in the sky
            So ravishing
            So dangerous
So luminous
An Icarus – in meteoric flight
I found you in the shimmering bloom of a cosmic mirage
There in the luminous splendour of an intergalactic raj
         So wonderous
                     Are you…
                     Construxx (Constructs)
                     The Universe is what we wish it to be
                     Construxx (Constructs)
                     That tantalising flavour, infinity
Like a lightbody riding to space on a laser beam
Like a god enraptured in the glittering coils of the karmic dream
         By Kalki kissed
         In endless bliss
You are a sunrise glowing in Lakshmi’s pale, tender hand 
You are a view of a jewelled cityscape on an alien strand
         To steal the key
To Infinities     
We’ve sold our deathless lotus crystal souls…  
                     The Universe becomes what we think it is
                     Construxx (Constructs)
                     The Universe blossoming in a kiss
                     A cloud of ecstasy a bolt of light
                     Construxx (Constructs)
                     A universe unreeling in the night
            Cyberspace is the new MAYA!
                     A cosmos fading into and out of sight
                     Construxx (Constructs)
                     The aeai Boddhisattvas bloom in the night
                     A sunrise colours a deer park in the sky
                     Construxx (Constructs)
                     A cosmos glittering in the Buddha’s eye

August 2047 site
Decrypt a universe at Construxx August 2047 site
A Brave New World at Construxx August 2047 site
A brave new universe at Construxx August 2047 site
                     The kiss of Kali sets fíre to the night
                     Construxx (Constructs)
                     The Void fills up with bútterflies of light
                     Sunset colours running riot in the sky
                     Construxx (Constructs)
                     The Universe reflected in Kalki’s eye
Somewhere in space we’ve found a Rosetta Stone to decrypt the universe (spoken)
Our lives written in the quantum froth - the gift and the curse
                     Bathed in cosmic rays
                     The aeais turn our gaze
                                To the jewel within the lotus flower
                                To the soul which unfolds its boundless power
                                To the five pure lights within the lotus flower
                                To the heart which unleashes boundless power
                                            Construxx – decrypt the universe
Construxx – the glittering gift and the curse
Construxx – behold ! A new Universe!
Construxx – the aeais got there first!
The velvet shroud of Ratri is the Night
                     Construxx (Constructs)
                     The Void fills up with sentient light
                     Magnetic colours running hot in the sky
                     Construxx (Constructs)
The Universes swirling ín Kalki’s eye
                        Cyberspace is the new MAYA!
ConstruxxAugust 2047 site
Decrypt a universe at Construxx August 2047 site
A Brave New World at Construxx August 2047 site
A brave new universe at Construxx August 2047 site

The vignette below is called 'Avenue of a MIllion Buddhas by Night' - do see the 'Pacific Millennia' comic in the scrapbooks. 


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